The Lawyers Choice Insurance Solutions for Law Firms


Lawyers Choice, LLC is a premier insurance broker that specializes in insurance products and coverages for law firms. We implement more than 20 years of industry experience to connect law firms across the country with insurance solutions for their practices . We use our extensive knowledge of lawyers professional liability, employment practices liability and cyber liability, among other products to ensure our clients are fully protected against losses and costs created by these exposures.

Our brokerage handles the search and selection process of locating the insurance coverages that matches the needs of your law firm. The uniqueness of each law firm determines our advice so we are guiding you towards the best insurance carriers and policies for your firm. While you take care of the business of the firm, we take care of the business of protecting your hard work from costly claims.

We have a knowledgeable team ready and capable of evaluating your law firm and securing the insurance protection you need. By helping you understand the insurance market, current trends and coverages available to your firm, we know you will feel more confident in making the final decisions about what coverages to purchase.

As a full service agency, Lawyers Choice, LLC provides everything you need to make securing coverage as easy and simple as possible.

• Completed applications
• Detailed analysis of different insurance carriers
• Side by side policy comparisons
• Quotes for other insurance policies
• Simplified renewal assistance
• One-stop shop for lawyers insurance

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