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“My firm has worked with ICS for several years. We have always found our broker to be very knowledgeable about the insurance market and always available to address our needs. We highly recommend ICS if you are looking for a professional liability insurance broker.”

John Aylward
Aylward & Kneeland, LLP
Fort Collins, CO

“It is a welcome change to my previous experiences to be able to deal with someone at the local level concerning my insurance needs. I have been and continue to be impressed with the level of professionalism with which those needs have been addressed by our broker and the support staff at ICS.”

Vern Evans
Vernon A. Evans
Golden, CO

“Our experience with ICS has been extremely positive. Few times have I had a business relationship that was as confidence-inspiring as our relationship with ICS. My broker is prompt in handling our matters and answering our questions. It is clear to me that everyone at ICS endeavors to make the business of professional malpractice insurance as seamless and easy as possible for their clients.”

Andrew Nolan, Partner
Peters & Nolan, LLC
Grand Junction, CO

“May I say what a pleasure it was working with our broker and ICS, plus our liability premium was LESS this year than last! In the past years we have obtained bids from a half dozen or so agents/brokers and it was my job to compare the apples and oranges. My broker at ICS handled all the details this year with very little work on my part.”

Rita J. McElroy, Office Manager
Eugene E. Waldron, Jr., P.A.
Arcadia, FL

“ICS goes the extra mile to shop for the best available coverage at the most competitive price. I found the level of professionalism from this organization to be outstanding.”

Mark R. Osherow
Osherow & Associates, P.A.
Boca Raton, FL

“It is a pleasure to work with the professionals at ICS. They handle our renewal application with expedience and provide us with choices of carriers to fit our needs.”

Fonda L. Wilson
Randall, Blake & Cox, PLLC
Lewiston, ID

“We have found your services very helpful and your team courteous.”

Alice Geisert
Geisert, Wunsch, Watkins & Graffman
Kingsman, KS

“Everything has gone smooth and problem free with my malpractice insurance written through Insurance Consulting Services.”

Blake J. Miquez
Blake J. Miquez, Attorney at Law
New Iberia, LA

“The highest compliment I can pay you is that I never have to think about you. And your rates are very competitive.”

Jim Zois
Meringer Zois &Quig
Baltimore, MD

“I don’t even remember how we first heard of ICS, but when we were shopping for malpractice coverage the team there worked hard to find great coverage at reasonable rates. Since then, ICS has kept us on top of our renewals, and been ready to help whenever we have other insurance needs. It is a pleasure doing business with ICS.”

Tom Singer
Axilon Law Group, PLLC
Billings, MT

“When I was first approached by my agent about finding a new policy through ICS, I was hesitant to switch brokers. My agent is very easy going, personable, and willing to answer all types of questions; I have never once regretted making the change. Everyone at ICS is readily accessible yet respectful, and my firm will continue to use ICS.”

Chasey Honodel
Amy B. Honodel, Esq.
Las Vegas, NV

“Working with the professionals at ICS made obtaining our insurance needs easy.”

Christopher M. Young
The Cobeaga Law Firm
Las Vegas, NV

“I have worked with Stephanie Montague and ICS for 3 years and each year they have delivered the most cost effective quote and have done it in an expedited and professional manner. They have always been very helpful and have answered all my questions in a timely manner. They are a pleasure to deal with and I expect our relationship to continue into the future.”

Jeana Hart
Morris Peterson
Las Vegas, NV

“It’s a pleasure to work with Insurance Consulting Services. Any questions or issues are quickly answered by my agent.”

Maria L. Carneado
Atkin Winner & Sherrod
Las Vegas, NV

“My experience with ICS was rewarding to our firm. They responded quickly to my requests for information and provided that information in a logical and understandable format. They were professional yet informal in their approach. The process was painless and the communication was clear and precise. They did what they said they would do and in the timeframe they promised. And best of all we averted a large premium increase from our prior carrier.”

Tom Flickinger
Campbell & Levin LLC
Pittsburg, PA

“Trammell, Adkins & Ward, P.C. is a small insurance-defense firm that began in 2008 when three partners from a larger firm decided to form their own law firm to specialize in handling litigation for insurance companies and their insured’s. ICS immediately understood our specific needs and went to work finding us the best malpractice coverage possible at the best rate. Their staff is professional, diligent and always available. We consider ICS a friend of our firm and we recommend their services to any law firm needing a committed, hard-working representative to assist with its malpractice coverage needs.”

Kenneth W. Ward
Trammell, Adkins & Ward, P.C.
Knoxville, TN

“I have worked with ICS since the early part of 2008. Our agent has been absolutely great. He is very responsive to any questions I have, in providing various options and easily explaining the options. Thad is also good about just staying in touch, not too much but not once a year either. I really appreciate having such a great contact at ICS. And, ICS has provided us with some competitive options for insurance too. We had been using the same insurance broker for a number of years so ICS and our agent won us over!”

Donna Schlueter
John M. Cox & Associates
Dallas, TX

“ICS has provided us with excellent service at all times and we would highly recommend you, as we have done, to other attorneys seeking insurance.”

Bernard Rosenbloom
Law Office of Bernard Rosenbloom
El Paso, TX

“Our agent helped us out and I was very impressed with him and his knowledge especially since I thought our situation was a little complicated. It seemed like it was no problem for him to find the right insurance for our needs. He made the process for us very smooth and reassuring. I referred him immediately to others for their individual law practice needs.”

Jessica Ruiz
Tomblin Carnes McCormack, L.L.P.
Austin, TX

“Your service exceeded my expectations. It seemed like before I could ask for something you beat me to it by offering it. You fulfilled your promises and I could not be happier with the level of service you provided.”

Michael Burnett
Minton, Burton, Foster & Collins, P.C.
Austin, TX

“ICS has great customer service. The employees are very responsive and they work hard for their clients by aggressively seeking out the best insurance package for the money.”

Nicole Shannon
Brown & Fortunato, PC
Amarillo, TX

“We at Ikard & Golden were exceptionally pleased with ICS and our broker. Working with an attorney made it much easier to communicate our practice areas and concerns, and our broker was particularly attentive to constraints on the time we had available to devote to applications etc. We were able to obtain insurance with a great company for a lot less than the proposals we had received from our current broker, who seemed to think it was simply par for the course for our premiums to rise every year.”

Mary E. Haught
Austin, TX

“For 20 years I had painstakingly filled out anywhere from 5 to 8 malpractice applications every renewal period, and whined to anyone who would listen about how it was the worst part of my job. Last year Stephanie at ICS stepped in, had me fill out one abbreviated application and that was it. Within weeks I was presented with a quote which was less than my premium for the previous year, and much less expensive than I had expected. Not only that, but Stephanie was knowledgeable and very responsive.

I will definitely never go back to getting malpractice insurance the old fashioned way. To roughly quote a well-known insurance commercial, working with ICS ”was fast, easy, and, I suspect, somewhat magical”. Thanks, Stephanie, for freeing up my time to do other, more important things, like herding cats . . . I mean my attorneys.”

Leuzi Cardoso
Howard Lewis & Petersen PC
Provo, UT

“You guys were great and your patience is unprecedented. I was particularly pleased by your willingness to help us understand how to effectively characterize our activities so as to fairly obtain the best coverage and the best rates.”

Jon Lear
Lear & Lear
Salt Lake City, UT

“I have to admit that I was a bit leery about using a broker. We’d always dealt directly with our former carrier; ALPS but we were referred by a fellow attorney who advised us that he had experienced a tremendous saving working with ICS. Deciding to use a broker was one of the wisest decisions I could have made. My ICS broker was very responsive, knowledgeable, assumed the responsibilities that go with the comparison shopping and relieved the usual concerns of change. Our savings were significant and we continue to receive prompt, courteous service.”

Mary Robie
Lynn, Thomas & Blackman, P.C.
Burlington, VT

“My ICS broker was incredibly helpful during the process of obtaining malpractice insurance. She was able to get me quotes within a couple hours of me submitting our firm’s information other companies took over a week to get quotes to me. She reviewed the quotes with me and explained which polices would be best for the firm. As an individual who had never purchased malpractice insurance before, I found her advice extremely helpful!”

Angele Mendez
Vienna Law Group PC
Fairfax, VA

“Our Firm has been very pleased with the decision to use Insurance Consulting Services for our professional liability insurance needs. Our broker and the ICS Team have provided us with excellent, professional, and timely service. They have taken the stress out of searching for professional liability insurance. I highly recommend the ICS Team.”

James J. Huss
Law Offices of John Cooney & Associates, P.S.
Spokane, WA

“ICS was very professional and helpful in selecting the right policy and coverage.”

Charles Barnum
Charles L. Barnum, PC
Rock Springs, WY 82901

A few of our clients have provided the testimonials below to give perspective clients an understanding of what it has been like to work with ICS:

“I found working with ICS very helpful to our practice. Our broker provided us with several options and all were better than those presented to us from others. We saved 30% off our premium from the one charged by our previous carrier. I will depend on her again.”

Chip Baker
Eubanks, Baker & Schulze, LLP
Little Rock, AZ

“Insurance Consulting Services and ICS have been a positive, professional relationship for my firm. The increased communication regarding insurance products and potential legal malpractice issues has allowed this firm to reduce the risk of claims and save money. I have also made a wonderful friend in my agent and hope that she is serving my firm’s insurance needs for the indefinite future. “

Christopher T. Rapp
Ryan Rapp & Underwood, PLC
Phoenix, AZ

“It was wonderful working with Insurance Consulting Services, LLC, and they found us a great rate! We really appreciate their professionalism.”

Thomas A. McCarville
McCarville Law Offices, L.L.C.
Casa Grande, AZ

“Our firm is a central Arizona firm that experienced a four-fold increase in E&O coverage in 2002 with less coverage and a deductible being doubled solely as a result of September 11th and the withdrawal of several professional liability carriers from the Arizona market; we were given no advance warning by our agent. We contacted other agents in Arizona to find both better coverage and reasonable rates. We had no success and paid an outrageous premium at renewal. Prior to the next renewal we received a brochure from Insurance Consulting Services. We were practically begging for help. Within 3 weeks we had three quotes for coverage from Insurance Consulting Services from “A” carriers with rates and deductibles lower than pre 911. Insurance Consulting Services has been our agent ever since. I have been handling the professional E&O coverage for my firm since 1987 and Insurance Consulting Services is by far the best broker I have ever worked with. I highly recommend Insurance Consulting “.

Stephen Cooper,
Cooper & Rueter, LLP
Casa Grande, AZ

“I very much appreciate the service I have received from ICS and would highly recommend my broker and ICS to anyone. You are polite, knowledgeable and prompt and as a result you will always be my broker for malpractice coverage.”

Doug Loefgren
Douglas A. Loefgren, Attorney at Law
Phoenix, AZ

“The team at ICS has been awesome to work with. Our broker is extremely efficient, personable and has a tremendous knowledge regarding lawyer’s professional liability insurance. Either she or a team member returns telephone calls and e-mails right away. ICS has contacted me each year for the past eight to offer our firm an insurance quote. Finally last year I agreed to meet with my broker and go with ICS, which has been one of the best decisions our law firm has made.”

Paula Ostaff
Warnock MacKinlay And Associates, PLLC
Phoenix, AZ

“The team at ICS has been awesome to work with. Our broker is extremely efficient, personable and has a tremendous knowledge regarding lawyers professional liability insurance. Either she or a team member returns telephone calls and e-mails right away. ICS has contacted me each year for the past eight to offer our firm an insurance quote. Finally last year I agreed to meet with my broker and go with ICS, which has been one of the best decisions our law firm has made.”

Paula Ostaff
Warnock MacKinlay And Associates, PLLC
Phoenix, AZ

“Our broker was extremely efficient and personable at the same time. She knew her product, answered my questions affirmatively and was an immense help. I would recommend her to any attorney seeking errors and omissions coverage.”

James Holloway
Law Office of J. Christopher Holloway
Stockton, CA

“Although we had been working with our liability broker for many years, increasing dissatisfaction with their services prompted me to respond to an email I had received from ICS. After talking to one of their brokers for thirty minutes I decided to switch brokers. The ICS team found a company that provided the same coverage at a lower rate and also made the application process painless. We are more than pleased with the services we have received from our broker and ICS.”

Bonnie Eckstein
Carle, Mackie, Power & Ross LLP
Santa Rosa, CA

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we’ve enjoyed working with your company in providing us with the very best in Professional Liability Insurance. We’ve grown quite a bit and have had some special needs including adding lawyers and changing firm name. You guys have been terrific in communicating requirements to us and providing us with timely and competitive bids. I’ve always appreciated your quick and thorough responses to my inquiries. Thanks for your professionalism and the efficiency of your service. We really appreciate your efforts and will continue to use your services.”

Robert R. Gray
The Gasper Law Group
Colorado Springs, CO

“I was VERY pleased with the service and attention received. ICS worked diligently with me to ensure all of my malpractice needs were met. Even once I received the policy, ICS continued to check back in regularly with me to make sure everything was fine and that I did not require anything further. I am sure I will be staying with ICS for years to come.”

Bridgette D. Kacgmarek
Kaczmarek Law Firm, LLC
Colorado Springs, CO

“You are always on top of the deadlines; you do 90% of the paperwork as to our firm’s professional liability insurance which is a huge time saver. Your prompt responses and accurate advice is extremely important, I rely on you and ICS. We have been using ICS for over 5 years and wouldn’t think of using any other broker.”

Carolyn Bradford
Walberg, Tucker & Holmes, PC
Centennial, CO

“I just opened my own firm recently, and obtaining malpractice insurance was an important first step in that process. The fast and friendly manner in which ICS helped me obtain that insurance made a real difference. My business will stay with ICS.”

Curt Todd
Law Office of Curt Todd, LLC
Denver, CO

“As a retired chief of police with 45 years in law enforcement, I know a little bit about quality customer service, and I can say without any reservation that the folks at ICS did a wonderful job setting me up with liability insurance to cover my new business, “Professional Police Consulting, LLC.” Check them out. They are great.”

Dan Montgomery
Professional Police Consulting, LLC
Westminster, CO

“There are few tasks that I dread more in my professional life than shopping for liability insurance, filling out forms, providing explanations and comparing prices. A few years ago I discovered ICS and now, in essence, it’s become a turnkey operation. I just sign my name. If I could only extrapolate that process to a number of other areas….”

Elwyn Schaefer
Elwyn F. Schaefer & Associates, P.C.
Boulder, CO

“We have found ICS to be prompt, responsive to our need to keep the cost of quality coverage as reasonable as possible, capable of giving us alternatives from which to select coverage, and conscientious about following through. Our experience with them has been very beneficial to us, and we would recommend them highly.”

John Purvis
Purvis Gray, LLP
Boulder, CO

“Working with ICS has been a pleasure. They are immediately responsive to our needs or requests and we always feel there has been a personal touch. I also appreciate the reminders they send. When you have a busy law practice, insurance needs don’t always stay on your radar. It is good to know that ICS is there to assure that you are reminded far enough in advance to make good decisions in a timely manner.”

Leslie Matthews
Matthews & Matthews PC
Denver, CO

“We have worked with our broker and the team at ICS since 2007. They have made the application process an absolute dream. Our agent takes the time to answer any questions we have and explain any changes to our premiums. Whenever I have contacted them with a question or a attorney status change, they have responded immediately and confirmed that the change was made. It would be very hard to beat the customer service that our broker and the ICS team provide.”

Mary Gaul
Benson & Case, LLP
Denver, CO

“I found that my experience with ICS was very positive, due to the individual attention paid to my particular needs and the professionalism of the ICS broker with whom I dealt.”

Nora Kelly
Nora V. Kelly, P.C.
Denver, CO

“Personal service is important to me. If I have a question, I enjoy personal contact. My broker has gone above and beyond the norm to be helpful. I highly recommend.”

Bob Frie
Frie, Arndt & Danborn, P.C.
Arvada, CO

“This firm started looking around for more malpractice insurance quotes due to the lack of communication from our current broker. We received a phone call from an ICS broker asking to be given a chance to provide us with quotes. We were still in the process of obtaining quotes at that time, so we allowed for her to also do a search of her own. The ICS broker was the only one who kept in full communication with this firm while searching for quotes. I appreciated her persistence, continued communication and confidence. During communications, we had also found out that ICS, LLC was owned by Ms. Renee Krause, who this firm had a terrific relationship with when she was at a past company. So, the decision to switch brokers was quite easy and once working with the amazing team ICS and knowing that Renee Krause was an owner of ICS, LLC, the decision to join this firm was made even simpler.”

Renee Godfrey
Jung & Associates, P.C.
Boulder, CO

“Insurance Consulting Services was a very big help to our Law Firm. They not only made the Malpractice Insurance process easy they also saved us a substantial amount of money on our premium and got us better coverage. It was a pleasure. I would recommend Insurance Consulting Services wholeheartedly.”

Laura Somma
Miller & Law, P.C.
Denver, CO

“It has been a pleasure working with our ICS broker on our policy. He was always helpful and attentive, and made the process very easy. I will definitely pass his name along as well as that of Insurance Consulting Services.”

Deborah M. Gentile
Oster & Martin, LLC
Denver, CO

“We were very pleased with the work Insurance Consulting Services did for us. Our agent was very energetic, found the product we needed at a good price, and was very pleasant to work with. Even after arranging for our professional liability insurance, Insurance Consulting Services has kept in touch. We are very pleased with the level of service at
ICS. ”

Amy Robertson,
Fox & Robertson, PC Lohf Shaiman Jacobs Hyman & Feiger PC
Denver, CO

“I have worked with professional liability insurance brokers for over 20 years and you are by far the most courteous and helpful broker I have come across. You keep your thumb on the pulse of the industry which makes you a leader in your field. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.”

Anita Culligan
Lohf Shaiman Jacobs Hyman & Feiger PC
Denver, CO

“Hensley Kim & Holzer’s experience with ICS has been excellent, and they have been an invaluable resource for our growing law firm. Our broker offers us expert advice and insight to guide us into making knowledgeable decisions for our professional liability needs. Additionally, the talent to effectively communicate a complex subject to the equity membership of our firm is an invaluable skill that few possess, and one at which our broker excels!”

Nancy Bronner
Hensley, Kim & Holzer, LLC
Denver, CO

“It was a pleasure working with ICS when we needed to renew our Professional Liability Insurance. Our agent was very professional, finding several quotes for us. He was willing to work with us on several changes to our original requests and found us the lowest bid with the highest coverage, and provided same in a timely manner.

I found our agent to be much more concerned about our needs than other providers. I have always felt that customer service in one of the major reasons to do business with any company and we certainly got that from him.”

Janet Bower
Toussaint, Nemer, & Coaty, PC
Evergreen, CO